It’s time for the Coro 10K fundraiser… and this time it’s Spooky!

On Saturday 22nd October 2022, at 10am, our singers will be braving the elements to set off on this year’s ’10K for Coro’ Challenge.

We’ll be taking to the frosty UK streets and countryside to run / walk / waddle our way around for a gruelling 10,000 metres… and this time we’re doing it with a spooky Hallowe’en theme! 👻 

Of course, we’ll also be taking selfies and filming ourselves along the way, so you can all enjoy watching our ridiculous red faces later. 

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This will be the choir’s third annual #Coro10K, and it’s become quite a tradition! But it has also helped us to raise some much-needed funds to keep our choir going through some very difficult times. 

Click here to find out more about our Coro 10K story, and to cheer us on this October!

You can also watch our videos from 2020 and 2021 on the Video page…


The Coro 10K – wish us luck this October! We’re not sure what’s going to be scarier, the distance or the weather…
Coro 94 in concert mode – all dressed up and not covered in mud.

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