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There are many ways to show your support for the choir!

In addition to attending concerts, listening to our music and following us online, you can also support Coro 94 in other ways:

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Singing… Rehearsing… Recording… Creating… Performing… Inspiring… 

Coro 94 is a registered charity (no.1199319)


The Coro 10K! Sponsor our singers as they take part in a spooky themed 10K challenge…

On Saturday 22nd October at 10am, several members of Coro 94 will be embarking on an ambitious 10 kilometre walk / run / waddle, starting in various locations around the UK.
We’re very excited about the third annual Coro 10K… and this time it’s going to be Spooky!

Blast from the Past

Check out the video evidence from the first two ‘Coro 10K’ challenges, which our choir members successfully completed in 2020 and 2021! :